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Clomid | Clomed – buy clomiphene citrate dbol steroid for sale the ultimate home six pack, price, Clomiphene citrate instruction on how to take in bodybuilding after a course, dosage, therapy, action, side effects, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia

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The main properties of the drug clomid (clomiphene citrate)

►Restores testosterone production

► Activation of spermatogenesis

►Non steroid drug

► Increased FSH and LH levels

Description and Effects of Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate)

Clomiphene citrate (aka Clomid) is an antiestrogen that is quite popular among athletes, it is used after. Its main task is to restore the production of its own testosterone. Although his dosage is much higher than that of tamoxifen, it is used after a course of deca (nadrolone decanoate)

Taking Clomid after the course will save you from such side effects as gynecomastia, due to the fact that it will restore your testosterone level, then weight loss after the course will be minimal..

Although clomid is a drug purely for recovery and does not bring any noticeable effects on the strength and endurance of an athlete, it is included in the list of prohibited drugs on doping tests,

The period of detection for doping tests is up to 6 months from the end of admission..

Clomid 300mg ml Course / instruction (clomiphene citrate) how to take after the course

In real life, athletes use tamoxifenoi and are satisfied with the result. In fact, there are conflicts among athletes in various forums over whether it is better to use Clomid or Tamoxifen. Clomid is justified after a course of steroids with the participation of nadrolones and trenbolones, in other cases, athletes resort to the choice of tamoxifen.

It is worth starting taking Clomid based on what course you had, if it included long esters such as nadrolone decanoate or trenbolone enantantto, the reception begins 3 weeks after the last injection.

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Below is a table with the half-life of some drugs.

Tablet form

Methandienone 6 hours

A Woman’s View on ‘Getting Chicked’

Stanozolol 10 hours

Oxandrolone 10h

Oxymetalon 2 weeks

Injectable steroids

Deca (nadrolone decanoate) 2 weeks

Boldenone 2 weeks

Tren. acetate 3 days

Prima 10.5 days

Test. propionate 3 days

Test. cypionate 12 days

Test. entanate 10.5 days

Sust 21 days

Winstrol 1 day.

The dosage of the drug is 100 mg per day for the first 5 days and 50 mg per day for 10 days. To reduce the load on the gastrointestinal tract during the first five days, the reception is divided into 2 parts, in the morning and in the evening.

nadrolone decanoate

Clomid reviews

Weightlifting: Two trenbolone become stronger leaner and faster with Olympic champions banned after tests reanalysed

Reviews of clomid from athletes are mostly positive, since many experienced athletes on the course use nadrolone decanoate, and clomid is just ideal for recovery after the course. The drug itself is very effective if you buy a really high-quality product..

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